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We have 20+ years of experience in Embroidery and Graphic Design space. We have a large setup with 50+ highly professional staff who are creative and well qualified to exceed your expectations.

Digitising is the art of converting images into stitches in a format suitable for machine embroidery. We provide high-quality embroidery digitising even for small text or complex designs.

Our motive is customer’s satisfaction. All our designs go through different phases of QC to ensure the best possible results. We are always upgrading ourselves with latest technologies and software to provide our clients with the best quality embroidery digitising services.


We can convert artworks into vector format to enable you to use it on promotional products without losing clarity or details. Pixelated designs converted into high-quality vector designs with a separated layer for each colour to get the best quality results for Screen Printing, Heat Press and many others.

Vector Art


We deliver graphic design for print and digital to retailers and media companies worldwide. We generate ideas and build the technology that transforms how business manage design. We are creating innovative ways to manage design delivery, we use the power of technology to maximize the effectiveness of the design.

We serve our clients with beautiful and innovative graphic design, web design, logo branding and printing solutions to create their own unique identity in this corporate world.

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get!

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We provide Embroidery Digitising Services, Vector Artwork Conversion and Graphic design work.

Sorry, but our service is all about digitising and does not include embroidery (sewing). That is, we take your artwork and convert it into a digital file in a special format (EMB, PXF, DST, PES, etc.), then send it back to you via email, you then take it or forward it to a local embroidery shop or embroiderer to do the physical sewing.

3D embroidery, also known as puff embroidery or 3D puff embroidery, is a special method of embroidery that makes the design “puff-up”, or “raised”, thus it is more three dimensional. Unlike normal embroidery, 3D puff design sews on top of a 3mm or 2mm thick foam making the puff effect.

Yes, we do digitise for 3D puff embroidery.

No. 3D embroidery needs to be digitised differently than the normal embroidery, or the machine won’t recognise the command to “jump” over the foam; more importantly, the stitch density for 3D embroidery is much bigger (about twice as dense as a normal one).

It depends on how “smart” your software is, but you can always try and let us know if it does not work. Major size change is not recommended, we may need to adjust quite a few design properties, including density, stitch minimum, maximum and type stitch length, underlaying stitches, pull compensation, etc.

When we digitise, we usually take into consideration a few factors, including the placement fabric type and others You can always try the same design on different fabrics, and of course, a left chest design will work on the right chest too, but if you use a chest logo onto a finished cap, it may not work, it may need many adjustments to design properties such as density, pull compensation and sewing sequence.

Yes and No. If you find any problems with our digitising, or rooms to improve the quality, we will work with you until it is right, without extra charge. If for some reason you need to make some major change to the size or change the artwork, then we may need to charge a fee accordingly depending on what change.

Our typical turnaround time is 12 – 24 hours for most logos on weekdays. If a design is more complicated, or if we have a heavy workload, or if you place the order over the weekend, it may take longer. Please specify when you place an order we will do our best to accommodate your special need if your order is more urgent.

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