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  • Fundamentals of Embroidery Machines Types
    What is the essential part of machine embroidery? The first thing that springs to mind is the embroidery machine if you get rid of the human factor. It’s only after having bought the equipment that we immerse ourselves into the interesting world of modern-day technology and machine embroidery. How…
  • Basic Types of Stitches in Machine Embroidery
    All machine embroidery designs are made with only 4 basic types of Stitches. All other stitches that can be created in various embroidery editors are just the offsprings of these basic types. Even the most complex design is a combination of these 4 basic types….
  • 2020 Best Free Embroidery Software
    Selecting the free embroidery software application is not as very easy as it could appear, since not every embroidery digitizing software program gives you with all features. It may not be great for your embroidery company. We come up with the top 5 free embroidery…
  • How to get the best digitizers in 2020
    Finding a good local digitizer is not so easy in today‚Äôs market. Using a good digitizer is an important part of producing high-quality embroidery. The embroidery digitizing world has changed in the last few years and attempting to find a good digitizer that is found here in Australia is…

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